WOA Senior Ministry Had Conference with India

As part of the strategy to aggressively promote the setting up of senior ministries in the different world regions, the WOA Senior Ministry Executive Director, Rafael Perez, and the Representative for the India Region, Pastor Peter Beta, held a conference to discuss the current situating and design a course of action.

Sioux Falls Senior Ministry Had Bible Study on the Baptism

On August 3rd, the Sioux Falls Senior Ministry held a Bible Study referred to on the doctrine of baptism of water and the Spirit. Senior Leader Bruce Boyd, explained that, essentially the teaching of water is the Biblical representation of the work of sanctification in the life of the believer.

New Haven Senior Ministry Romans Bible Study Overflows with Grace

These days, New Haven Senior Ministry is overflowing with grace as they continue to study the book of Romans with senior members. On July 28th, the New Haven Senior Ministry gathered to hold a Bible Study on Romans, entitled "Calling". This study was based on the call that Jesus made to Paul, the sinner of the sinners, as he qualified himself, to go and spread the Gospel over all the Roman Empire.

New Haven Senior Ministry's Strategy to Reach Out Seniors Bears Fruit

The strategy of the New Haven Senior Ministry to make frequent visits to those places where senior can be found is beginning to bear fruit. On July 14th, the chapter went to visit the Atwater Senior Service Center. It was one more time the local senior chapter visits that center and that a consistent approach to the seniors in the community bore fruit.

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